What is a Dubsado public proposal and how to set this up; 3 best ways to use Dubsado public proposal

In the world of service based businesses and freelancing, efficiency is king. The ability to streamline processes and deliver a professional experience can be the difference between closing a deal and losing out to the competition.

In this blog, I’m diving into how to use and setup your public proposals in Dubsado. I’m going to show you step by step how to setup public proposals, how to create your workflow, how to test and the 3 best ways to use public proposal.

What is a public proposal in Dubsado

Dubsado’s public proposals can be embedded on your website to capture new leads, create new projects, and start workflows automatically.

Essentially, you can think of a public proposal as a live link you can in embed on your website or create as a sales page that has your contract and invoice attached.

It’s going to create a new project once the proposal is complete, the only difference between the lead capture form and the public proposal is with the proposal, you can have your packages attached for them to be able to select one package or multiple packages and also have contract that they can sign and an invoice that they can then pay.

Three ways to use the Dubsado public proposal

I’ve use public proposals multiple ways for my past clients and each of these ways are slightly different but all servce the same purpose of getting the lead to pay and starting a new workflow.

Here are 3 of the best ways to use the Dubsado public proposal:

1. As an embedded form on your website for checkout cart for one or multiple packages

This could be exactly like a lead capture form as the package information can be hidden along with the package button – all they would see is the form fields, total and submit button (I also you have to use this in the video – click here)

2. A sales page to use in your menu navigation or button

If you have packages that are a set price and you don’t need to pre-qualify the lead, you just simply want the lead to select the correct package / payment plan, sign the contract & pay the invoice then a public proposal is the best way to set this up and link in on your website to a button or in the menu navigation as a service

3. As an upsell in an offboarding workflow

One way I use public proposals for my Dubsado setup clients is to upsell services in offboarding workflows. If you have re-selling a new service to a client then this is the best way to automatically start a new project for the client with no effort.

What needs to be set up before you start?

  • Create a project status that they will go into after the public proposal is complete
  • Create the packages that you want at a set price to be used within the public proposal
  • Have the required fields of first name, last name, email address and any additional form fields for information you need
  • Create your payment plan that you are going to attach to this proposal
  • Create your contract with Smart Fields to pull through the package information, payment plan and the total invoice
  • Have your workflow set up; the first steps being hold until contract signed (if you are attaching a contract), hold until after invoice paid in full or after invoice instalment paid.
  • Setup your public proposal with your packages, payment plan then attach your workflow, project status – grab the embed code or URL to share your public proposal

Setting up your project statuses for the public proposal

You’ll need to setup a project status for the lead to go into after they have completed the proposal, they may just complete the proposal and not go through to sign the contract so I would setup two these being:

Waiting For Payment – to attach to the proposal

Onboarding – to add in the workflow

How to setup the project status:

Dubsado Public Proposal
  1. Click on ‘Projects’
  2. Click ‘Customize’
  3. Click ‘Add Status’
  4. Add your Funnel Name and whether it’s a job or lead

Waiting For Payment would be a lead and Onboarding would be a job

Setting up your workflow

In this tutorial video I should you the exact steps you need to take to setup your workflow that needs to be attached to your public proposal.

Create a new workflow and name your workflow

Step 1. Hold actions until contract signed

Step 2. Hold actions until invoice paid in full or invoice instalment paid

Step 3. Change project status after all previous actions.

Add your processes after these steps, this could be send form, send appointment scheduler. This can be built out however you need to deliver your onboarding to the client.

Screenshot 2024 03 25 at 09.33.44

Why add these actions?

If you are attaching a contract then if they complete the proposal but don’t sign the contract then every other actions will still trigger and they may just skip signing. We want the client to pay before we deliver any onboarding documents to the client.

Setup your public proposal with your packages

Once you have setup your packages, payment plan, project statuses and workflow you can dive into building out your public proposal.

You will need to include a couple of things on your public proposal:

1. Packages – you can add as many packages as you want to your proposal and you can also pre-select packages

2. Payment plan – if you are requiring the packages to be pay in full you can attach this to the proposal, if you have a custom payment plan with multiple payments to be made over a certain time period then attach this to the workflow

3. Form Fields – it is required to add the three short fields for: First Name, Last Name and Email Address. These needs to be mapped fields. You can add as many short fields, free response, checkboxes and multiple choice options as you need

You will also need to decide if you are attaching a contract and to make sure that the include invoice if turned on.

Getting stuck? Watch the below tutorial:

Turning the proposal into a public proposal

Go to form setting and make sure that you have selected to turn on ‘create new project once proposal is completed’

You will then be able to apply your workflow, add a redirect link after proposal, contract and invoice is complete, add your project status and customise the project title:

turning on Dubsado public proposal settings

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up, it’s clear that Dubsado’s public proposals are an invaluable tool for service-based businesses looking to enhance their client onboarding experience. By streamlining the process of getting paid and onboarding clients through a single live link, you’re not just saving precious time, but you’re also providing a seamless and professional experience for your new clients.

The benefits of integrating Dubsado public proposals into your workflow are unmistakable. Whether you’re aiming for greater efficiency or a more organised approach to client management, this feature stands out as a game-changer.

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of how Dubsado public proposals can transform your business, it’s time to put this insight into action. Take advantage of the exclusive 30% off discount on Dubsado by clicking this link. And to help you hit the ground running, don’t forget to check out my free offboarding workflow template to streamline your processes even further – simply click here to find out more.

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