4 Reasons To Use Your Website For Your Instagram Links Page; Ditch LinkTree and Improve Your SEO.

If you have an Instagram account, chances are that you also have a LinkTree on your profile. If you don’t know what Linktree is, it’s a third-party platform that allows users to create a landing page with multiple links for their Instagram links page (link in bio) feature.

It might seem like the easy option at first but there are multiple reasons why using your own website as your Instagram Links Page is a better choice.

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1. Better Branding and Customisation

Using your own website for your Instagram Links Page allows you to maintain brand consistency across all platforms. With Linktree, you are limited to their branding and design options which might not align with your brand aesthetic. Well, unless you decide to pay $6 a month then you can customise but who wants to waste money doing that when you can use your website FOR FREE. By using your own website, you can customize the layout, colors, and fonts to match your brand and create a cohesive brand identity.

2. Improved SEO

One of the main advantages of using your own website for your Instagram Links Page is that it helps improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). By creating internal links from your Instagram Links Page to other pages on your website, you can increase the visibility of those pages on search engines like Google.

SEMrush Ranking Factors for SEO

SEMrush’s has produced a recent study on the main ranking factors and there are 17 key factors to take into consideration when ranking on Google.

I’ve listed these below from most important to least:

1. Direct website visits

2. Time on site

3. Pages per session

4. Bounce rate

5. Total referring domains

6. Total backlinks

7. Total referring IPs

8. Total follow backlinks

9. Content length

10. Website security (HTTPS)

11. Total anchors

12. Keyword in anchor

13. Keyword in body

14. Keyword density

15. Keyword in title

16. Keyword in meta

17. Video on page

So by looking at these statistic you can see that by having a link to your website on your Instagram Links Page, you are able to increase direct website visits and time spent on site, two of the most important ranking factors. This can ultimately lead to better search engine rankings and more organic traffic.

3. Analytics and Tracking

Linktree offers very basic analytics such as clicks per link, but with your own website, you can have access to more detailed analytics and tracking. If you have Google Analytics setup on your website then you will be able to track how many clicks each individual link gets, where the traffic is coming from, and create reports with more information.

This is valuable information that can help you understand your audience better and make informed marketing decisions and this in turn can help you improve your strategy.

Want to know more about SEO and how you can improve your website rankings? Read my blog on Optimising Blogs for SEO

With your own website, you are not limited to just a few links like Linktree. You have the option to add as many links as you want on your Instagram Links Page and can even add more sections like a bio underneath the links or your blog content, the options are endless and limitless. This gives you the freedom to promote multiple products, services, or pages without having to constantly change the links on your profile.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, it’s a no brainer, using your own website for your Instagram Links Page has more benefits than LinkTree and these benefits can help your brand stand out and improve its online presence.

By taking the time to set up and customise your website, you are investing in the long-term success of your brand and SEO.

So why not give it a try and see how it can benefit you and your business by downloading my free Divi Links Page Template?

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No more need for LinkTree, create an easy and beautiful landing page with your Divi website for free

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