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5 DIY Website Mistakes Costing You Sales: Fall in Love With Your Website Without Hiring a Designer

5 DIY Website Mistakes Costing You Sales

This 5-day email challenge will break down the DIY website mistakes to avoid & give you insider secrets into designing, revamping and creating a kickass, highly converting website. It’s facelift time!

In just 30 minutes each day, you’ll:

  • Recognise the embarrassing key mistakes on your site
  • Implement and apply 5 quick fixes on design, user experience & SEO (so you feel like a web developer pro)
  • Master the DIY of your site – new website adjectives will include killer, kickass, bomb and dreamy to name a few
  • Convert new visitors to paying clients: Get that website to start pulling its weight!
  • Peek at the BTS’s of my exact process when designing custom websites (without the sexxy price tag)


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    You want to convert your website traffic into paying clients


    You have an existing website or are starting from scratch


    Looking at the backend of your website makes your head swirl, swim and dance


    The finer details are unknown to you


    The bandaids are starting to peel off and the cracks are showing


    Trust me, you’ll want to accept this challenge on how to avoid DIY website mistakes.

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