How To Add a Dubsado Lead Capture Form To Your Website

You’re wondering “how do I get clients into my Dubsado account without manually adding them?” Dubsado Lead capture forms are your best friend. Let’s do a quick recap on lead capture forms – just in case you’re a Dubsado newbie. 

What is a Lead Capture Form? 

A lead capture form is a form that captures your leads, you’re probably thinking well durr. It’s basically the form that a client would complete e.g. a contact form, application form or similar, that is capturing your clients information into the Dubsado system AUTOMATICALLY.

This creates a project within your account & will allow you to automate workflows depending on certain actions/services within the form. Pretty nifty huh?

How You Can Use a Lead Capture Form

So think of it as a form to approve your potential clients before having a consultation call. This will allow you to avoid having calls with customers that may not be the right fit, it will also allow you to know which service they may be looking for & more about their business, where you can help them. 

 You can use it to ask questions like:

  1. What’s your budget for the project?
  2. What services are you interested in? 
  3. How did you hear about us? (if you have a referral program)
  4. Their information i.e. First Name, Last Name, Company Name & so on… 
  5. When would you like to start the project? 

The list is endless depending on how in-depth you want your form to be. Or you can use it as a simple contact form for their basic information & space for them to leave a message. 

The choice is completely yours, every single business is different so lead capture forms may vary.

How To Embed a Dubsado Lead Capture Form To Your Contact Page

Once you’ve completed & saved your form you will see a button next to the save called share.

dubsado lead capture form share button
  1. Click on the share button & you will be taken to a pop up that contains a URL (which can be used in buttons or on your navigation menu as a tab) and a javascript code. 
  2. Copy the javascript code
sharing your lead capture form

 3. Go to your contact page or where you would like the form to be

4. Add a code block to your form (I’m using WordPress Divi for this tutorial but all website builders will have the same option)

5. Paste the javascript code into the code block. This may now be shown below as a small snippet of your form.

6. This is where you will need to add and adjust the code so it won’t show as a scrollable form, you want the code to show the whole form.

7. Into your code block add the following code:

Min-height:1000px; after min-width:100%; this will look like the following: for my form I added a min-height of 1200px.

You may need to adjust the number before px to reflect the size of your form. You might have a short form which might be around 600px or you could have a longer-form then it might be 1000px. Just keep adjusting the number to reflect the size of the form & make sure that the submit button is the last thing you can see. 

Once you are happy then save the form. You can always test it to make sure it’s working properly & capturing your leads. 

Adjusting the Lead Capture Settings

A few last tips. Under the settings tabs you can make alterations to applying a single workflow to the lead capture: 

Screenshot 2022 01 19 at 11.16.21

Adding a thank you note or confirmation

You can add a thank you message or redirect after they have completed to a custom thank you page or an upsell page.

redirect form

Customing the Lead Title

You can customise the Lead Title – this is the title that’s pulled into your project tabs on Dubsado & what will show in your emails when you get a lead through. 

You can type a name for the form then use smart fields to pull in different information from the potential client. I.e. their first name, full name, company name, email, phone number etc you may want to just stick to name & company.

Customise the dubsado lead title

Changing the Button Text / CTA

It’s easy to change the text of the button under the settings tab. The submit button defaults to send but you can make it as snazzy as you want. For instance “I’m Ready To Dive In” “Let’s Get Started” anything you want.

Just scroll down to Default Submit Button & enter your text.

Customise the submit button on dubsado lead capture form

Final Thoughts

Embedding your lead capture form on your website is something YOU NEED to do to be capturing your leads, you can also use your lead capture in your social media account with the URL, your email signature, your email marketing campaigns. If you want to know all the places you should be putting your lead capture then click here to read my post about where to use your lead capture form. 

Dubsado Forms are what help to streamline your business, they trigger workflows, help capture information you need for projects, sign contracts & more. 

Need help with your Dubsado Forms? Are they lacking that WOW factor you need to close the deal? Get in contact to find out more about my Dubsado Form Design.

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