The Biggest Time Saving Hack Your Business Needs: Automating Your Project Inquiries With Dubsado

The amount of businesses I see in 2023 still manually replying to every inquiry through their website is baffling. With all the productivity tools and automation software available today, businesses should be able to streamline their operations and processes. One of the most time consuming task for any small business owner or freelancer is responding to project inquiries so automating your Project Inquiries with Dubsado in really a no brainer.

Why Automate Your Project Inquiries

Here is a little story about why you should be automating your project inquiry process…

One of my previous clients was getting over 20 inquries per week. She was spending least 15 minutes per inquiry responding by email to every lead…

…that’s over 5 hours a week, and that’s just the responding aspect!

So, 5 hours per week turns into 20 hours per month – that’s 240 hours per YEAR.

Her average hourly rate is £80 per hour.

£80 x 240 hours = £19,200.

NOW she is spending 0 hours responding to leads as her whole inquiry processes has been automated, by automating she has saved £19,200 per year on her business.

I think I might of caught your attention now so let dive into automating your project injuries.

How to automate your project inquiry phase in Dubsado

What is the project inquiry phase?

Workflows are broken down into 4 phases:

Phase One: Project Inquiry

  • this is after a lead has completed your lead capture form in Dubsado. This stage would be sending out a scheduler / or form to find out more information before leading onto the next stage – booking.

Phase Two: Booking / Proposal

  • This stage would happen after your inquiry stage has finished, this is would be sending out a proposal, contract & invoice to the client with followups, sending a welcome email once booked and/or onboarding documents – read this blog to find out more about onboarding

Phase Three: Project Phase

  • This stage would be where you deliver the service to the client, this can vary for each business owner and is very specific to the business.

Phase Four: Offboarding Phase

Now we have cover all the workflow phases let’s jump into the first!

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How to Automate Your Project Inquiries with Dubsado

Step 1: Setup your lead capture form correctly. Decided where you want the workflow start off of a certain service or if the lead capture is going to using the same workflow for all services.

Setting up your lead capture form

Make sure that you complete the below information and attach the correct project status to the lead capture form.

Step 2: Here is a workflow template that you can use to automate your project enquires, but please bare in mind each business is different so this may work slightly differently for your business, it’s not one size fits all.

Here is a tutorial video explaining these the steps:

  1. Send Scheduler | Consultation Call with [Brand Name] | 0.1 after all previous actions – [Lead] Auto Response
    • The email to be sent with this step would outline exactly what the client needs to do, usually sending more information about the service or a pricing guide with a link to the scheduler for them to book the session
  2. Send Scheduler | Consultation Call | [Brand Name] | 3 days after all previous actions – [Lead] Follow Up #1
    • This scheduling link is going to be exactly the same as the first but duplicated and using a different name, the reason for this is we are going to pause the workflow based off of a scheduling link being booked, Dubsado cannot define the scheduling link if it’s using the same one each time
  3. Send Scheduler | Free Consultation Call with [Brand Name] | 5 days after all previous actions – [Lead] Follow up #2
    • This scheduling link again will be the same as the other but duplicated with a different name so we can define the tigger after an appointment scheduled in the next steps of the workflow
  4. Add Tag | Not Ready To Invest | 4 day after all previous actions
    • By adding a tag after 4 days gives the client some time to still decide whether they are going to book in for the consultation call and you will be able to filter by this tag after the project has been archived.
  5. Archive Project | 7 days after all previous actions
    • To stop leads from clogging up your Dubsado account you can archive them you will still be able to access this project and unarchive if you need to in the future
  6. Change Project Status | 0.1 hours after an appointment is scheduled “Consultation Call with [Brand Name]” | Call Booked
    • If the client books the first scheduling link the project status will be changed to call booked – remember reminder emails will be attached to the scheduling link so everything will be completed automated for the client
  7. Pause Workflow | 0.12 hours after an appointment is scheduled “Consultation Call | [Brand Name]”
    • If the client books this scheduling link then none of the other follow ups will go out as this will pause the whole workflow. If they don’t book this scheduling link then the workflow will carry on as the order above.
  8. Change Project Status | 0.1 hours after an appointment is scheduled “Consultation Call | [Brand Name]” | Call Booked
    • So if the client missed the first scheduling link sent and decides to book on the second time round (Follow up #1) then the project status will still be changed to call booked
  9. Pause Workflow | 0.12 hours after an appointment is scheduled “Consultation Call | [Brand Name]”
    • This is the reason why you have to use three scheduling links that are exactly the same but with a different name so you can define which step you are pausing within the workflow. By pausing the workflow after the second scheduling link is sent and booked this will allow Dubsado to stop the final follow up from going out to the client.
  10. Change Project Status | 0.1 hours after an appointment is scheduled “Free Consultation Call with [Brand Name]” | Call Booked
    • This changes the project status if the final follow up is booked
  11. Pause Workflow | 0.12 hours after an appointment is scheduled “Free Consultation Call with [Brand Name]”
    • If the final scheduling link is booked by the client then this will pause the workflow and stop it from adding the tag “not ready to invest” and it will also stop the workflow from being archived. Pausing this step stops anything that was going to happen after the final follow up is sent out.

Where you can save money in your business with Dubsado

Automate your project inquiry workflow

This is just one of the processes you can implement in your business today to save you money and there are so many other tasks you can automate in your business that you wouldn’t have even though about. Dubsado is a powerful tool that can help you to streamline your processes and save time in your business, ultimately saving you money in the long run. So don’t hesitate to explore all the different automation possibilities with Dubsado and see how it can benefit your business today!

Remember, automating your project inquiries is just one of the processes for streamlining your business using Dubsado. There are many other processes and tasks that can be automated, saving you time and money in the long run.

Check out my blog which goes through all the features with Dubsado that can save you time and money.

If you are feeling completely overwhelmed by Dubsado maybe it’s time to dive into a strategy call where you can have your workflows mapped for you or better yet, you just want the whole thing done for you. Check out my Dubsado packages to find out more about saving £19,000+ a year in your business.

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