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Nikki Turner – Leadership Coaching

C3 Impact is committed to the journey of helping women reach their fullest potential. By providing individual coaching and small-group consultation, the company’s mission is to create an environment that will foster collaboration, connection, and empowerment. Through hands-on experience and ongoing support, C3 Impact seeks to inspire, empower, and challenge thought leaders to create meaningful change in their lives and ignite lasting impact among diverse communities.

They are passionate about helping each woman discover her unique gifts, build her courage to pursue her dreams, develop resilience amidst life’s challenges and cultivate sustainable personal growth in career and life.


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The Challenges

Nikki had the courage to pursue her dream of launching her own leadership coaching business, but getting her message out to potential customers was a challenge she wasn’t sure how to tackle.

Unsure of how to write copy that would help portray the right image and resonate with her target audience, Nikki wasn’t sure what step to take next. Then, she found our website in day package.

This was exactly the solution Nikki needed; now she could create a professional and powerful website and boost her businesses’ presence online easily. With our package’s help, Nikki knew she could reach her customers with ease.

The Solution

After talking with Nikki about her project requirements, I knew that my website in a day package was the perfect solution. We kicked things off with Nikki completing my onboarding, SEO & copywriting questionnaires, this meant my professional copywriters could write content for her 4 website pages, then I optmised keyword research to help her site gain exposure on search engines.

To top it off, I set up blog templates so she could start creating content right away and begin building an engaged audience. This project ended up meeting her tight deadline on time, resulting in a successful outcome – something we were more than happy to provide!

C3 Impact Divi WordPress Website Design, Website in a Day

GTmetrix Grade A

When it comes to running an online business, website speed is an essential aspect that can make or break a visitor’s experience. It’s also important to consider the structure of a website—one that is too cluttered might put visitors off from coming back or making purchases. Fortunately for Nikki’s business, the website speed is set up at a high level of both performance (90%!) and structure (99%).

Having that level of optimisation helps guarantee visitors will be able to access what they need in a timely fashion, as well as having a pleasing visual look and organizational feel. The better the speed and structure, the greater the chance there is for customers returning again and keeping your business alive!

Website Speed C3 Impact

Sarah Truly Knows The Ins & Outs Of Website Design

“When I initially got in touch with Sarah, I knew very little about web design or copywriting. My website looked amateurish and it was far from functional. But thanks to her help, my website now looks professional, modern, and is incredibly user-friendly. Working with someone as experienced as Sarah was a great decision; she truly knows the ins and outs of website design and the strategic importance of effective copywriting.

Thanks to her guidance and skills, my website has been able to attract more customers and generate more leads than ever before! If you’re looking for someone who can quickly build a beautiful website with content that resonates with your target audience, then Sarah is your go to person.”

Nikki | c3 impact

I specialise in beautiful, timeless website design that connects with your ideal client and CRM that gives your client a 5* experience.

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