How To Use Dubsado as a Wedding Bakery Business

Are you a bakery business owner who is looking for a way to streamline your operations? If so, you may want to consider using Dubsado! Dubsado is a CRM (customer relationship management) software that can help you manage your accounts, invoices, and more. In this blog post, we will show you how to set up your Dubsado as a wedding bakery business. Let’s get started!

Mapping out your processes in Dubsado as a wedding bakery

It’s important before you get started with diving into Dubsado to map out your processes to setting up your account. You’ll want to sit down with a pen & paper & walk through your processes so that you can create workflows within Dubsado accordingly.

For example, say you are a wedding cake designer then a typical workflow for your project enquiry might involve a client completing a lead capture embedded on your website which allows you to ask what date their wedding is & also the venue where they are getting married. Once they have completed this form, this will allow you to action the next workflow whether you have availability or not.

There will be multiple ways that clients will come to you, this could be word of mouth referrals, from your social media, from wedding fairs, from your email marketing or from your website.

The most important step to getting started is knowing where all your leads are coming from so you can create the correct lead capture form, you will always need one. Here are some examples:

  1. Lead Capture without styling to embed on your website
  2. lead capture form that can be attached to a discovery call scheduler for clients that come to you directly
  3. lead capture form that has more information about your business to add to your social media platforms & the footer of your email marketing

There could be more, this depends on your business.

Mapping out your Dubsado forms

This is an important step to building your workflows. You shouldn’t start building your workflows until you know all of the forms you are going to need for your processes. These forms could include:

Proposals – You may have multiple proposals that you need to create for your bakery business. If you are sending out sample boxes for clients to be able to taste the cake favours before going ahead with the wedding cake, you will want to create a proposal for this that will be attached to it’s own mini workflow.

Boutique Bakery Chester 1 min
Dubsado Proposal Design for Sample Box

Questionnaires – these are going to allow you to capture any information you need to know before your consultation. You may need to know which flavours they want for their wedding cake tasting, more information about the wedding, how many guests etc. Using Questionnaires are the perfect way to collect all the information you need from your client

Sub-contracts – Sub-contracts can be used as sign-off forms. You might want a client to sign off on their wedding cake design, by using a sub-contract this can be illegally binding & will make sure that they can’t make any changes to final designs once signed off.

Contracts – Contracts are going to be binding for both parties, you & the client. This will include information such as your terms & conditions, the final quote, balance payment date etc. It’s important that your contract covers all legal bases so you are protected as a business.

Once you have all the information you can then begin adding this to Dubsado, this is important to do before you even think about your workflows.

Deciding your Payment Plans & Packages

As a bakery, you may want to take a fixed deposit for your service & have the remainder of the invoice paid in a certain time frame before the project end date. Setting up payment plans will help to automate the invoicing processes, not chasing up invoices will save you time & it’s a great feature in case you forget to chase up on a payment.

You can add as many payment plans as you want to your Dubsado account. There might be some instances that you want them to pay in full & also where you want them split equally.

Setting up your packages needs to be done before creating your proposals, this way you can add your packages easily with smart fields. It will pull in all the information from your package. Use the below smart fields when adding packages to your proposals:

{{}} – this will pull through the package name

{{package.items | packageItemNamesDesc}} – this will pull through the description & what’s included in the package

{{ / 100 | currency}} – this will include the total price of the package

Writing Out Your Canned Emails for your wedding bakery

Possibly the most important & time saving when mapping out your workflows is writing all your canned emails. Once you have all your forms mapped, packages & payment plans then it is time to start drafting your processes & this will allow you to structure all the canned emails you will need. It’s easier when mapping to break the emails down by workflow, this ensures you don’t miss any.

Here is a list to consider:

Leads: Your Project Inquiry Workflow

  • your autoreponse email
  • sending your discovery call email
  • discovery call follow up emails if they don’t book
  • not available email
  • not a good fit email

Project Proposal: Your Project Process

  • sending your proposal
  • proposal follow ups (I usually do 2 to 3 follow ups on completing the proposal)
  • sending your welcome package
  • sending questionnaire reminders
  • sending thank you & next step emails when questionnaires are complete

Onboarding: Sending Your Proposal

  • sending follow ups before the big day
  • check-in emails for any changes to the wedding
  • thank you email

Offboarding: Referrals & Testimonials

  • Testimonial email (possibly asking for pictures of the big day)
  • Testimonial email follow up
  • Referral or Upsell email for other services

Scheduler: Confirmation & Reminders

  • Confirmation of discovery call
  • Scheduler Reminder emails for 5 days before & 1 day before scheduled appointment

Invoices: Reminders

  • Email reminder for an upcoming payment
  • Email reminder for the payment on the day
  • Email reminder for payment overdue

This is just a small snippet of emails to consider when mapping out your workflows for your wedding bakery business.

Using Your Client Portal To Manage Your Wedding Bakery Projects

Dubsado Client Portal Banner, Dubsado Client Portal template, client portal mockup
Dubsado Client Portal Templates

The client portal is your space to upload any documents for your clients. It also will be where your client can access any questionnaires, contracts & proposals that have been sent or are due to be completed.

It’s a great feature for your client to have everything in one place, they can also view all emails that have been sent so they won’t have to research their inbox.

You can customise the client portal with your branding, I have some free templates you can download here & customise then simply upload (here is tutorial of how to customise your Dubsado Client Portal).

Dubsado Workflow Example

Here is an example of one workflow that I created for a client last month, this is there proposal & onboarding workflow:

dubsado workflow, dubsado as a wedding bakery
Dusbado Proposal Workflow as a wedding bakery

Final Thoughts

There you have it, everything you need to get started with Dubsado as a wedding bakery business. If you have any questions please leave a comment below or send me an email, I would be more than happy to help out.

Happy client management!

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