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Dubsado Inquiry Workflow Course

Automate your inquiry phase in less than 24 hours with the help of a Dubsado Specialist.

This course makes setting up your Dubsado account so easy that I bet you could set up your inquiry workflow in less than a day…

If you’re here, you probably know that you absolutely need to start taking your Dubsado set up seriously.

But then there’s the fact that implementing workflows is tough. It’s an overwhelming task, so maybe you’ve pushed it to the bottom of your to-do list.

It can be expensive to hire a Dubsado Specialist. And it can take a while to get on a Dubsado Specialists schedule (the best ones definitely won’t be able to do it this week for you, and you needed it yesterday).

But did you know that your Dubsado account should automate your inquiry follow ups without you spending any time on it.

If you’re thinking: “Dubsado is a complete beast to get set up” …Well you’re kinda right.

A complete setup isn’t something that can be done in a day. But if you set up your inquiry workflow strategically and take the time to understand this process then the rest of the set up will come a lot easier.

Think about how much time you spend on new leads:

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an hour a week replying to new leads

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two hours a week following up with leads that didn’t book
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another hour a week booking new leads into your schedule
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another hour a week making sure that these leads aren’t a waste of time
Those hours in the week definitely add up and it’s time wasted on admin that can be completely automated.


Your workflows should be doing the hard lifting for you!

My Dubsado runs literally on autopilot so that when I’m busy doing other things like client work, or slpeeing, or binge-watching Love Is Blind, it’s booking and following up on Discover calls.

Here’s what it can do:

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It automates sending my discovery scheduler off the back of a lead capture being completed
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It follows up automatically if a lead doesn’t book a discovery call
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It allows leads to find a time in my schedule that works for them
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It gives your potential client the best customer experience

ENTER IN: the Dubsado Inquiry Workflow Course

Quit stressing about having to manually follow up with potential leads. Seriously, it’s a no brainer.

I challenge you to try to (finally) set up your Dubsado today using these workflow templates.

Grab your course. Clear your afternoon. Get to mapping your workflows.

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What’s Included:


Dubsado Inquiry Mapping Workbook

A fillable workbook and video tutorial walking through exactly how to map your workflows & content


Three Workflow Templates ( +2 Bonus Workflows)

I’ve already built your workflows for you. With these templates you just have to choose which one works best for your service based business


Trello Board with over 20+ Canned Email Templates

I’ve written all the emails you need, all you have to do is customise and upload into your acount. Simple.


Over 10+ Lessons

I’ll teach you about custom-mapped fields, smart fields, project statuses and more


How to set up your Lead Capture form

This walk through tutorial on how to setup your lead capture will show you the exact steps I use to styling different forms for different purposes.


Setting up the Dubsado schedulers

A deep dive into Dubsado schedulers and which schedulers you need setup for your inquiry phase.


Adding custom fonts

A lesson on how to upload Google fonts to your forms and customise with your branding. Plug-and-play CSS code & how to use it.


Customising your form styling

I have written all the css for you to add into your lead capture form, this goes through styling your buttons, form fields and how to add your branding.


Implementing your workflows

I don’t get give you the templates and go “hey, that’s it go do it yourself” NO! I add them into Dubsado with you in this walk through tutorial.


Connecting your workflows

I will show you eactly how to connect up your workflows to your lead capture and walk you through exactly how you should be testing!


how to use your lead capture form

I show you exactly how to embed your lead capture form on your website and how to start collecting leads


Bonus lesson & 20+ portal templates

You’ll get 20 free Canva templates to customise your client portal with your branding. And I’ll show you how to upload these to start using straight away

Real Clients With Real Results

“The whole process was clear and straightforward. I gained over 3+ hours per week back from automating”

abi, life coach

Dubsado Inquiry Workflow Course
“I feel a new lease of inspiration and creativity in my business now. I have time to do the things I love again!”

Emily, Photographer

Dubsado Inquiry Workflow Course
“My processes are now automated down to the very last detail, saving me time, taking ToDos off my plate, and giving my clients a top-notch, customized experience.”

Cynthia – Translator

Dubsado Inquiry Workflow Course
“It’s been such a dream. To know that we just need to click a button and then everything works properly is amazing.”

Cassandra – Personal Stylist

Dubsado Inquiry Workflow Course

“I’ve saved over £19,000 a year by automating my inquiries and onboarding. Even my clients are loving Dubsado”

Jessica, Makeup Artist

Dubsado Inquiry Workflow Course
“I’ve saved so much time with the workflow templates and we know time is money :)”

Nikki – leadership coach

Dubsado Inquiry Workflow Course

FAQs About the Dubsado Inquiry Workflow Templates

Does this course and the workflow templates have an expiry date?
The course will never expire and the best part is you get copies of everything into your own account. So if anything is ever by accident deleted on my end you will always have all the course materials.
Will this help me to set up Dubsado completely?

No not completely, this mini course is just for you to learn how to setup the first phase which is inquiry phase, the next phase would be booking, then onboarding & offboarding. There will be separately courses for each of these phases. 

Does this come with workflow templates to set up my booking phase?
No, this only comes with the workflows for your inquiry phase. The booking phase is separate.
Does this come with lead capture templates?

It doesn’t come with a template for teh lead capture form but I do show you exactly how to build and design this yourself in my lessons. 

Does this course come with 1:1 support?

this course doesn’t come with 1:1 support but if you have any questions you are able to email me and I will respond within 48 hours.

I’m a Dubsado pro, can I use this course with my clients?

This course is for personal use only. You can learn from this course but you cannot share or use with your clients to learn them. Please review out privacy policy for more information on this.  

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