How To Retain Clients With a Strategic Offboarding Workflow; The Free Dubsado Offboarding Template

When it comes to running a successful business, most entrepreneurs put everything into attracting new clients. When it comes to running a successful business your primary goal as a small business owner is to be fully booked with clients and will naturally put everything into attracting new clients.

However, what they fail to realise is that retaining existing clients is actually just as important. In fact, studies have shown that it costs 5 times more to get a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. In this blog post we will go through the step of how to retain clients with a strategic offboarding workflow.

What is an offboarding workflow?

An offboarding workflow is the process that helps you transition your clients out of your services and maintain a positive relationship with them. This includes all the necessary steps to conclude your work with a client, such as final payments, project wrap-ups, feedback collection, and saying goodbye. A well-planned offboarding workflow can help you retain clients in the long run by leaving them with a positive lasting impression.

Offboarding workflow example

Why do you need an offboarding workflow?

As a small business owner your probably so focused on bringing in new clients and delivering a streamlined high quality service to your current clients that you are completely overlooking the offboarding phase. It’s just as important to make sure that your clients feel satisfied even after their project is finished. A strategic workflow can help retain clients by providing a smooth transition and making sure that the client leaves with a positive experience.

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What to include and how to retain clients through your offboarding workflow:

Here is a idea of things that can be included and after this seciton I’ll produce a workflow template that you can implement in your Dusbado account.

Client Testimonials

If you’re not asking for the testimonial you’re not going to get it. Use a questionnaire and add questions like:

  1. What problem were you facing that led to you contacting Sarah?
  2. What was the process like with Sarah?
  3. How did working with Sarah directly affect your business?
  4. What would you tell your friends about Sarah?
Dubsado Offboarding Workflow - Getting Feedback and Google Reviews

By doing this you can link a button to your Google Review account for the client to easily copy & paste their answers over. 

Pro Tip: Make sure to follow up if the form is not complete, clients are busy and they will rarely complete first time round, reminding isn’t rude remember that, it just means it saves you time.

Client Referrals

Word of mouth is the biggest and best way of winning new clients! I offer an incentive to my current client that anyone that they refer and signs a contract with me, that client will receive 10% as a cash incentive of the initial invoice amount.


Here is where you can upsell a retainer, low ticket offer, strategy call or another service… If they have had a positive experience working with you THEN they will definitely work with you again in the future – get that sale while they still have that feel good feeling.

Project Ad-Hocs

You might need to collect professional photographs (sending another questionnaire – with file uploader) or remind a client to return a rental or you may need to remind yourself to do something. To-dos are perfect to add into the offboarding workflow so you don’t forget.

3 Month Follow Up

This could include a scheduler to a free call or a paid call or even a public proposal with an upsell package that starts a new project once completed and paid. You could even ask for client results after three months, ask them how they are getting on etc

6 Month Follow Up

You could offer a free call or check in with the client to see how they are getting on after finishing the services, this keeps you at the front of their mind for new projects (or referrals)

12 Month Follow Up

Usually Wedding Photographers or similar would use the year marker to send a happy anniversary or similar before archiving the project.

Your template and how to map out your offboarding workflow

Before you dive into the offboarding template I provide below here is a bit more information about offboarding and how this could look in Dubsado:

Here is another example of how to upsell and retain clients through your offboarding phase. This is the process I use to offboarding my Dubsado clients:

Your offboarding workflow will differ for each service you provide and it won’t always look like the below template. Please note this is just an example workflow, it will need to be adjusted for your business:

  1. Change Project Status | 0.1 hours after all previous actions | “Offboarding”
  2. Send Form | 1 hour after all previous actions | “Client Feedback Form”
  3. Send Email | 6 days after all previous actions | [Offboarding | Sending Referral Information]
  4. Send Email* | 7 days after all previous actions | [Offboarding | Upselling] *this could possibly include a link for a public proposal to see your services or it could contain a paid scheduler – which would change this step to Send Appointment Scheduler
  5. Create to-do | 3 months after all previous actions | “are you still working with [client] if yes mark to-do in workflow” – this gives you the opportunity to customise the email to the client & also to not send out if you are still working together or they re-booked
  6. Send Email | 0.1 hours after all previous actions | [Offboarding | 3 Month Check-in
  7. Create to-do | 6 months after all previous actions | “are you still working with [Client] if yes mark to-do in workflow” – this gives you the opportunity to customise the email to the client & also to not send out if you are still working together or they re-booked
  8. Send Email | 0.1 hours after all previous action | [Offboarding | 6 Month Check-In]
  9. Create to-do | 12 months after all previous actions | “are you still working with [Client] if yes mark to-do in workflow” – this gives you the opportunity to customise the email to the client & also to not send out if you are still working together or they re-booked
  10. Archive workflow after all previous actions
  11. Add Tag | 0.1 hour after form is complete | “Testimonial” – this is so you can easily find clients testimonials in the future
  12. Send Form | 3 days after form is not complete | “Client Feedback Form”

These last two steps needs to come after if you are using all previous actions as tiggers.


Offboarding is an important part of the client journey and it’s crucial to have a strategic offboarding workflow in place to retain clients. By including elements such as client testimonials, referrals, upselling opportunities, and follow-ups, you can leave a lasting positive impression on your clients and increase the chance of them returning or referring others to your business.

Use this template in Dubsado or customize it to fit your own business needs, and see the impact it can have on your client retention rates.

Don’t overlook the power of a well-planned offboarding workflow in growing and sustaining your business. So go ahead, implement these strategies and watch your client retention soar!

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