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Sales Page Design in WordPress

Installation of WordPress on Subdomain

Subdomain Setup in Hosting Account

Email Marketing Integration



Futr.Touch came to me as they were launching a new leadership program and needed a sales page for the group program. They were unsure where to host their sales page & which integrations they would need setup. 

The Solution

I helped Futr.Touch with advicing them on the best platform to host their sales page. As they need not want this as a hidden page on their current website, I decided it would be best to setup a subdomain within their current hosting account. This meant manually installing WordPress with the Divi theme to build their new sales page.  

They were using WP Forms to onboard new prospects, this needed to be integrated to their Email Service Provider to automate their email sequence.

Sarah Helped Simplify The Process

“When we contacted Sarah we had a lack knowledge around sales pages & how to build one. The process with Sarah was great. She helped simplify the process, was always on hand to answer questions and kept tweaking until we were happy.

This has now allowed us to sign up clients with ease and communicate our message inline with our brand.

I would highly recommend hiring Sarah! She will get the job done to a high standard and free up time and energy for you to focus on the other elements of your business.”

Monika Ouanich | Futr.Touch

Full page screenshot of Forward Motion Group coaching sales page design

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