How to build your sales funnel

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Yes, that’s right. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3, simple as do, re, mi.

Building a successful sales funnel is a progressive journey where your potential client moves from stranger to customer.

Check out this super simple sales funnel:

1. A freebie

It begins with the promise of something for nothing. An irresistible super high-value opt-in lead magnet or an offer. Something that only you can provide (or that only you can provide well) and that puts you on a pedestal in the eyes of your audience. A problem solver, an expert, an authority on the thing they need help with the most.

2. Engaging email exchange

You’ve caught their eye. What follows next is a 21st century Romeo and Juliet tale of email exchanges. Your email campaigns need to help sell you as a person, they need to be relevant, show interest and make it personal. This is the stage for nurturing and relationship building. 

 3. High converting sales page

The desire is burning away. It’s time to convert this into client action. Your landing page has to be killer to nail this one. Your freebie needs to be directing your potential client to this destination – and when they arrive, your landing page needs to nudge them towards the next step. Make it clean and simple – a brazen call to action to download your free e-book or a link to the instructional video.

Unsure of how to create your ultimate sales funnel?

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