How To Create a Freebie That Converts

Whether you want to build your brand presence, sell more product or grow your email list the aim of the game is the same: to convert leads into clients.

So why isn’t it working?

Well, a simple answer could be that you’re attracting the wrong kind of audience. What you need to do is attract the right audience – an audience you can convert into clients.

Don’t worry. This is solvable, and simply too, in five easy steps:


1. Decide your menu

First things first; you need to ensure that your freebie/giveaway/service fits your ideal client’s needs. How to do this? Easy:

– Look 👀

Discover their pain point and be ready with a solution for their current struggle. Brain storm possible challenges they could be facing.

– Listen 👂

Conversations with past clients you’ve worked with successfully (or unsuccessfully, you can learn plenty from your mistakes) and ideal clients can provide you with the research you need. But be sure to listen, what you think they want and what they actually want may be different things entirely.


 2. Fast food solutions

Serve the answer straight up, no embellishments, no accompaniments. When you’re hungry for knowledge, you want to dive into the main course, not be distracted by ‘amuse-bouches’ and starter courses.

Satisfy prospective clients by giving them a quick win, a Big Mac of a reward that will leave them feeling sated. In a nutshell, nobody wants to read your 50-page e-book. Sorry. But it’s better you hear it from me than your empty email subscriber list. And I’m not telling you anything you don’t know yourself from personal experience: if it’s too much effort, they won’t do it.

In an instant gratification, short attention span world, give them a two-page cheat sheet.


3. Nutritional value

Bang in the middle of my five pointers, this one is really the pivot point for whether or not you will win over potential clients: your freebie must have substance and style.

Ask yourself, in all honesty, is this freebie worth having? You have to give them real value for their efforts. Are you feeding them wholesome, nutritional info or are you plugging them full of candyfloss fodder – easily forgotten or, worse yet, easily found on a million other Instagram feeds?

If your prospective client goes away thinking “seriously – she’s giving this gold away for free? What kind of platinum level product do I get when I pay?” you know you’re getting it right.


 4. Digestible, bite-size pieces

This once again relates to not overfacing your audience. If you have completed step one accurately and pinpointed their need, providing the solution should be straightforward. You don’t need to over garnish your offer with additional pointers and information. There is such a thing as over seasoning. Be super specific. Deal with one problem, provide one solution. After all, you can solve their next problem when they sign up.


 5. Be the voice of authority

Everybody can spot a fake. Don’t pretend to be a guru on something you just Googled. You need your audience to have faith that you are the authority on this topic. Show up as the expert. Play to your strengths. Whatever the solution is you’re providing, make sure it’s one you’re well versed in. Find the thing that you rock at and serve it up on a platter for your audience to feast on.


Final Thoughts

Do you struggle to come up with a ‘menu’ for your freebies?

Which of these steps might you need help on? 


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Sarah Worboyes, Website Designer and Dubsado Strategist

Sarah Worboyes

Sarah is a WordPress Website Designer & Dubsado Specialist based in Ealing, London. I write about all things WordPress, Divi, SEO & Dubsado.

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Meet Sarah Worboyes, a freelance Website Designer and Dubsado Strategy. Born and raised in London, Sarah is a blend of creativity and strategy, combining both aspects beautifully in her work. Her passion for design, coupled with her expertise in strategic client experience via Dubsado, results in high-quality and even higher conversions.

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