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Pam is the perfect ally for any busy professional who dreams of writing a book. Her specialty knowledge in speculative and science-based fiction and nonfiction makes her a valuable asset, while her medical background allows her to bring insight into crafting emotionally resonant stories with both detail and structure.

Clients looking for help in developing a sound writing routine and achieving their writing goals can count on Pam.

With her real-world experience, she can help authors see beyond analysis and enforcement of the rules; with Pam, writers can explore the whole spectrum of emotion embedded within their stories.


Bespoke WordPress Web Design

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CRM & Email Marketing Integration

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The Challenges

Pam knew her website was feeling outdated and unprofessional, but was struggling to come up with fresh concepts and stay on top of the design trends that her customers loved.

She had tried the Divi theme to DIY her website, but felt it lacked the professional finesse and attention to detail that all successful websites need.

Trying to go through it alone was proving difficult and she wasn’t sure how to incorporate content or structure a website that would convert her ideal clients. Pam was looking for a solution that could help her refresh her current branding and develop an effective website.

The Solution

I built a WordPress website in the Divi theme that left her with a user-friendly, easy to use and maintainable site. She can now update it freely going forward. In addition, I produced landing pages to give her lead magnets maximum impact, helping to ensure her email list is always growing.

Integrating her CRM and email marketing platform Keap allowed the potential clients to easily be onboarded so the whole process is as smooth as possible. Now Kyle has a website that allows her business to succeed online with minimal extra effort needed by herself.

PDHines Divi WordPress Website Design, Bespoke Website Design, wordpress web design

GTmetrix Grade A

By investing in the speed and structure of her website, Pam has given her online business a competitive edge. Visitors can count on the site to be consistently reliable and easy to navigate, meaning that they will have a great experience visiting the site each time.

Not only does it attract new customers and keep current ones, but with its 99% performance speed and 96% structure speed, it ensures that recent visitors will always be able to find exactly what they need quickly and conveniently.

As such, it demonstrates the importance of paying close attention to website structure – because first impressions are everything!

Website Speed Pdhines

Sarah Is a Pro With Deep Web Design & SEO Skills

Before working with Sarah, my website was, well, just there. It did not reflect my brand and values, and I struggled to unify the look of all my business systems. Sarah has elevated my business and made me proud to share my site because I am confident the visitor will have a wonderful experience.

My dad always said, “Let the professionals do their profession.” Sarah is a pro with deep web design and SEO skills.

Not only is she pleasant and easy to work with, but her work positioned my business for success.

Pam Hines | PDHines

I specialise in beautiful, timeless website design that connects with your ideal client and CRM that gives your client a 5* experience.

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