How To Remove The Proposal, Contract And Invoice Navigation In Your Dubsado Proposals

In Dubsado by default proposals will view with a top bar navigation which will show the text proposal, if you have your contract and invoice attached to the workflow then this will show Proposal | Contract | Invoice. It will look a bit like the below:

There might be a few reasons why you would want to remove this navigation, I go over these in my tutorial below:

Reason 1: It can replace the use of a PDF

You may want to use the Dubsado proposal form as a live link to give your clients access to additional information that lives in their client portal. You can use the action ‘Send Form’ in a workflow and select apply to portal only OR you can even use it in a button in an email. It’s essentially being used as a landing page without packages and the option to submit.

Reason 2: Use as your pricing guide

If you don’t have a website yet then using a Dubsado proposal is a good option. You can remove the navigation and submit button and add all the content for your pricing. I have used this option for a lot of clients that don’t want their pricing guides on their website and also don’t want to use a PDF. Click here to preview a pricing guide created in Dubsado.

Reason 3: Using an embedded public proposal

If you are using an public proposal (click here to find out more about how to setup public proposals) and you want to embed this on your website you might want to remove the top bar navigation as it doesn’t embed well and you don’t want the lead the option of clicking through to the contract.

CSS to remove the top bar navigation

Simply copy and paste the below code into your ‘Edit CSS’ button under form styling tab

/* Remove the Top Bar Navigation */
.client-view-tabs-content {

/* remove the form warning message */

CSS to remove the submit button

Simply copy and paste the below code into your ‘Edit CSS’ button under form styling tab

/* remove the submit button */
.submit-form-button {

Final Thoughts

Dubsado proposals are actually quite handy to use as landing pages for additional information that you want to be able to automate applying to the client portal (cause it’s a pain in the butt to keep uploading PDFs), they are easy to edit and update, so removing the top bar navigation and buttons is essential when using this way.

If you are looking to upgrade your proposal design check out my super affordable Dubsado proposal templates by clicking here!

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