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Newborn Photographer

Lena Porter – Newborn Photographer

When Lena began her work as a Seattle and Tacoma family photographer, she had no idea of the powerful role it would come to play in her own life.

After enduring a complicated childbirth with the birth of her fourth child, Lena realized the immense importance of documenting family experiences.

She knew she wanted to capture more than posed portraits and started photographing families with an eye for genuine emotion – embracing a both-sides-of-the-camera approach that reflects not only the special moments families share but also the stories behind them.


Custom Coded Form Including:

1x Proposal
1x Lead Capture Form
1x Questionnaire
1x Contract

Form Design Strategy

Offboarding Tutorial & Recorded Loom Tutorial

The Challenges

After rebranding her photography business Salt & Ink, Lena needed to update her Dubsado forms for a streamlined process. Dubsado had just released their new form builder and learning something new is always a huge challenge when you have limited time as Lena was finding out.

She didn’t have any spare time to design or learn how to use a new system. Thankfully, she found my services on Google & completed my Dusbado public proposal that was embedded on my website.

The Solution

After completing my Dubsado public proposal, Lena was immediately sent an onboarding form to capture all the necessary information for building coded forms tailored to her specific needs. This included her branding, photography images, copy for proposals, contracts, and questionnaires.

I was able to turn around a proposed design for Lena within 48 hours in order for her to make revisions and ensure it was exactly how she envisioned it. Once the revisions were complete and we had approval, I built out the additional forms to complete the process.

Finally, in order to ensure she was comfortable making any changes going forward, we had a 45 minute offboarding tutorial. She now has all the tools necessary to maintain and update her template as needed!


Dubsado Proposal Design Before


Dubsado proposal Design Salt & Ink Photography

Sarah Made Everything So Easy!

I needed better looking dubsado forms to match my new branding. Sarah made everything so easy! All I needed to do was upload my copy and some photos and she had the rest taken care of in a day!

If you’re wanting a high end experience for your clients where your branding is throughout Sarah can help get you there! I have no doubt the attention to detail with my booking process will make a difference in how clients perceive me vs another competitor who’s just doing things out of the box and not custom.


I specialise in beautiful, timeless website design that connects with your ideal client and CRM that gives your client a 5* experience.

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