Steph Laffy | Creative Copywriter + Brand Storyteller

Steph is a word-nerd who thrives off of helping badass entrepreneurs and small business owners take their uniquely magical voice + vision from inside their head down onto “paper”.


Sales Page Design in SquareSpace

Service Guide Web Page in SquareSpace

Dubsado Form Design

Social Media Graphics



Steph originally came to me for help with her social media graphics and has been hiring me for multiple services for the last 6 months. Steph is a word-nerd but hates designing anything herself. She needed a sales page for her new service, a service guide created on her Squarespace account + multiple IG graphics


I helped Steph with desiging her Sales Page in SquareSpace and connecting this to her Dubsado account. 

Steph needed a proposal designed for her new service within Dubsado. She also wanted a service guide created on her Squarespace website as a hidden page, so she can easily make changes, rather than using a PDF created in Canva which is harder to keep changing.   

Sarah Absolutely Knocked it Out of The Park

“I could not be more madly in love with the beautiful Sales Page that Sarah created for me! Visual Design and I are not friends so pretty much any support was welcome, but Sarah absolutely knocked it out of the park!

She created something far beyond what I was capable of envisioning and I cannot wait to share it with the world. She will forevermore be my designing secret weapon and highly recommend you make her yours too.”


Full page screenshot of Forward Motion Group coaching sales page design

I specialise in beautiful, timeless design that connects with your ideal client and CRM that gives your client a 5* experience.

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