Attract Dream Clients With a New Website, Built-In Just One Day

Branding, Website Copy, SEO Setup and Website Design All In One Day. Get Your 5 Page Website In a Day.

I know what you’re thinking… “A custom-built done in a day website is going to cost me thousandsssss!”

Every time you see another service-based business in your industry with a gorgeous website you’re not only green with envy but you spend more time than you like to admit adoring it from afar. You know your services are top of the range but you’re losing customers, clients and money because your site isn’t standing out!. 

You’ve tried purchasing basic templates but they don’t showcase your branding and the time spent learning the DIY skills is much better used on your ideal clients and other money-making tasks 💸 .

You’re frustrated, stuck, overwhelmed and frankly pretty damn embarrassed by your current site (and that’s if you even have one). It feels like the wheels are always spinning and you’re stuck in a cycle of always having to find new customers.

Imagine having your one day website completely done for you.

I know how frustrating it can be trying to build the website you envision. I know exactly what’s involved with the design process, creating the perfect user experience and coding the features that make you stand out in the crowd.

And let’s not even get you started on the tech…

It’s no wonder you keep putting your website on the back-burner! That’s to end today…

Create a Knockout Dream Website for Your Online Business

One Day Website

One Day Website

Reap the Benefits of a Custom Website Look That SCREAMS

High-End Design (Without the Price Tag)!

With the Website in a Day you’ll:

Enjoy a designer looking site without the expensive price tag (start making consistent sales and easily land dream clients)

Have a 5 page website written in your brand voice that your business deserves (you won’t have to lift a finger to type anything, all the copy will be done for you.)

Be the proud owner of a Done-For-You perfect website by a professional web designer & professional copywriter. (so that you don’t need to waste time or money learning to build your own)

Replace off the shelf templates that don’t speak to your business brand or personality (and enjoy confidence knowing your Website distils your unique brand and services)

Convert high paying customers organically in your sleep (so you can stop spending so much damn time with direct marketing)

Be able to launch your site in just one day (say goodbye to agonising months of waiting for your Website to be built)

Here’s what you get with your new website & our proven process


Easy Application Process

1. Jump on a 30-minute free discovery call. 

2. Complete your proposal & decide your payment plan. 

3. Select your design day.

Come away with:

✷ Peace of mind knowing you can get back to working on the money-making tasks in your business while your website is being built in the background.


Onboarding Process

You’ll have three questionnaires to complete, this of this as your to do list. We will need all the information about your business. These are:

1. Onboarding Questionnaire

2. Brand & Copywriting Questionnaire

3. SEO Questionnaire

Come away with:

✷ Customised website design that matches your unique brand and converts your ideal clients into paying clients.


Keyword Research and SEO Setup

Does SEO and tech stuff make your head spin? I’ll enhance your site discoverability by researching the best keywords for you to be found on Google.

This includes technical SEO & on Page SEO Setup.

    Come away with:

    ✷ Become fully booked in your sleep utilising organic search traffic.



    Free Hosting & SSL

    Your new website includes one year of free hosting through a reliable professional company. You can choose to go ahead with moving over your hosting, we can process this for you on your website design day.

    Come away with:

    ✷ Fast and secure web hosting and a ready-to-launch website.


    Book Your Design Day

    Once all the information has been gathered & you have revised your copy you will be able to book in for your design day. On this design day you should be online just case I need to contact you with any questions.

    Come away with:

    ✷ a converting website that attracts high paying customers organically in your sleep


    Offboarding Tutorial

    After your design day we will organise your offboarding call giving you time to review your new website. On this offboarding call, I will show you how to make updates & changes to your website. You also get 7 days of email support!

      Come away with:

      ✷ A complete brand new website that you are now able to manage yourself

      Who is website in a day not for?

      E-commerce businesses that need a shop or store built for them

      a small business owner that wants to write their own copy or doesn’t want their copy to be audited

      small business owners that don’t want to show up in search engines & don’t care about SEO

      businesses that need more than a homepage, about page, service page, contact page & blog

      business owners that want to faff around & spend months getting their website up & running

      business owners that want to DIY their own website from templates & aren’t intersted in WordPress

      Does Your Own Website Draw in Dream Clients?

      How much money and time have you already invested into trying to DIY your dream website? Not to mention how many potential ideal clients you missed out on by having a fluffy site, no direct messaging, poor web design and the tech stuff a mess. #sadface

      If you want a gorgeous branded website, the waitlist for high-end designers is usually months, and the price tag equals a small (sometimes large) car. With website in day you get a professional website in your brand voice & branding at an afforable price!


      I want to include more new pages. Can you add those?

      The website has been designed to include the pages you need as an online business.

      These pages are;

      ✷ Homepage

      ✷ About Us

      ✷ Service Page

      ✷ Blog

      ✷ Blog Posts

      ✷ Contact Page

      ✷ Coming Soon Page

      ✷ Instagram Links Page

      ✷  404 Error Page

      The Website in a Day design process does not allow new pages on the day but you can hire us to complete these pages after the design day.

      I'm a coach/online service provider/agency/online business. Will this work for my business?

      Absolutely! Website in a day is designed for anyone who has an online service-based business, coaching business or digital agency.

      What do you need from me before we get started?

      Great question! Before you can book in for your design day, I need you to complete:

      • Copywriting Questionnaire
      • Onboarding Questionnaire
      • SEO Questionnaire

      Once you have completed these questionnaires you will then be required to send me through your branding elements including:

      • Logo and font files 
      • Colour palettes and branding boards
      • Stock Photography
      • Photography of work (if applicable)
      I have my own copy, can I still go ahead?

      If you are writing your own copy then it is possible to still go ahead with this package but to hit the ground running we suggest having a copy audit to make sure you are including keywords & not too much copy.

      Does it matter if I am a new business?

      Not at all. If you are new business owner this package is actually perfect for your service based business. By purchasing website in a day you are skipping the DIY process & having a complete website built for you. This will also help with your brand messaging & get you on the ground running!

      What if I want to make edits to the website in the future?

      One of the reasons I use the Divi Theme is because it is easy to make edits yourself.  Just open up the page and add any additional text or remove sections as required – No need to hire a developer.

      Included in the package is an offboarding tutorial where I will show you how to simply make changes & 7 days of email support. 

      I haven’t got any branding just some colours I’d like you to use.

      Unfortunately, the prerequisite for this package is that you have branding completed. To customise your website I require you to send me branding elements, logo, fonts and colour palettes. 

      If you require branding this is an additional package that will be added to the proposal



      Website In a Day


      5 page WordPress Website Built With Divi Theme

      Pages included: homepage, about, service, contact and blog with three blog posts uploaded

      Dedicated Website Copywriting Professional

      Copy is included for your homepage, about, service and contact page.

      Brand Strategy & Guidelines

      Branding is an optional add-on, included is logo design, custom graphics, colour palette, typography

      Responsive Web Design

      stunning on all devices

      Onboarding Questionnaires

      This includes three questionnaires for SEO, branding and copywriting

      Keyword Research + Competitor Research

      Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Setup

      GA4, Google Search Console, Google My Business setup

      On Page & Technical SEO

      Free SSL & One Year Free Hosting

      Renewable subscription for £99 per year – never pay ANY other costs

      Offboarding Tutorial

      7 days support, social grqphics and website guide with over 10 loom tutorials

      Here’s the truth…

      I’m tired of seeing service-based businesses having to choose between spending thousands of dollars on a custom website or having to scrape together a dull run-of-the-mill template.

      The power of a good website goes beyond the gorgeous design (although it has that too). It attracts and speaks to your ideal client, it generates organic search engine traffic and it is your direct sales money-maker.

      This is why I created Website in a Day. So you, as an online entrepreneur can grab a professional and customisable website at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time.

      Launch Your New Website Today.

      Book your free consultation call & let’s build your new website, in just a day!

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