4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Dubsado Lead Capture Form


Every business needs a way to generate leads and increase revenue. There are many ways to go about this, but one of the most effective is with a lead capture form. Lead capture forms provide an easy-to-use solution for capturing information from your website visitors, which you can then use to create targeted marketing campaigns and contact your customers more effectively. In this blog post we’ll discuss 4 reasons why every business should have a lead capture form on their website.



A lead capture form is a form that CAPTURES your LEADS. Just think of it as any form you create to collect basic information from a customer. Here are a few basic reasons why your business should have a lead capture form:

– It increases conversions and sales

– It makes it easier to communicate with customers

– It saves you time (and money) in the long run because of automation

Now, back to the 4 main reasons why I know you need one: 


1. Automating with your Dubsado Lead Capture Form

You can set it up to trigger individual workflows for your different services (this is the workflow block in the editor) & packages. That way you can be sure to create a seamless client experience, every time. This will save you time by automating all your processes. A lead capture form can also be your contact form, which gives potential clients a way to get in touch with you. Not only can you then qualify potential clients with a questionnaire but you can also capture their information into your CRM, so then you can follow up with them at a later date if they aren’t ready to work with you straight away. Who doesn’t want that?

2. Use it as a waitlist

Are you fully booked for clients right now? If so, use a Lead Capture Form to collect waitlist information. You can even send them an automated email letting them know they will be contacted as soon as possible and that you will do everything in your power to make sure their experience with your company is worth the delay!

A way to automate lead generation is by adding leads into your client management system. Not only that, it allows you the opportunity to ask questions about their business, their biggest struggles & more importantly their budget for the project, this way you can make sure every discovery call meets with someone who’s a good fit for your business, rather than jumping on a call with everyone.

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3. Use It As Your Contact Form

When a lead fills our your contact form on your website where do they go? Where are your leads being captured? In your email marketing system? This is all well & good but your Email Service Provider isn’t your Client Relationship Management tool.

Your Email Service Provider is there to market to your potential clients, they are your warm leads; potential clients that might not yet be converting. They are possibly potential clients that have downloaded a lead magnet, they are interested in your offer but might not yet be ready to buy from you.

Now, the potential clients that are completing your contact form on your website are your hot leads, they are the ones that are wanting to buy from you, they need special treatment.

They will be looking to book in a call, have a proposal sent to then, sign a contract & hopefully if you convert them well, pay your invoice.

Your Lead Capture form on your website is going to allow you to capture your leads, automate booking a call, qualifying them for your services and more.

Not sure how to get your Dubsado Lead Capture form on your website? Don’t worry, click here for the tutorial


4. Qualifying Your New Leads

Think of your Lead Capture form as a type of application form. The client is seeing if you are the right fit for them, but you as also seeing if that client is right for you. Not everyone that wants to book your services might be the right client for you.

For instance, their budget might not cover your services. They might be too early on in their business for your services.

This is where you are use your Lead Capture form to ask the right questions you need to know before booking a call with them. Time is valuable, everyone has so little of it now days, so Lead Capture forms will allow you to use that time wisely.


Final Thoughts

Isn’t it time you set up that Lead Capture form on your website?

the good news is Dubsado is completely free for the first 3 clients, so you can test it out & see if it’s the best system to manage your clients.

If you want to know more about Dubsado and how this program can automate your creative or service-based business then sign up for a free trial (you get three clients completely for free) or if you want 20% off then click on this link for the discount.


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